Fetish of the Month!!

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As you may know I study psychology and Ive always taken an interest in sexual fetishes. Before I started working in the adult business I didn’t really know any unique fetishes or know people with fetishes. Now that Im exposed to sex on a daily basis I want to learn[...]

Friends Without Benefits

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This is a bit different from my usual blogs, but I recently had this debate with a friend and we didn’t come to an agreement on the topic. In my opinion friendships cannot exist between a male and a female at a certain age, usually 18-27 ish, especially if one[...]


The Big Easy Hook-up

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You may have heard about my LA trip a few weeks ago. Well I was flying out for what was supposed to be a day to film for Bang Bros. I was flying out of Charlotte and mid way we had to emergency land in New Orleans because fuel was[...]


The Mexican BJ

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I was just in Mexico for a friends wedding, and it was a blast! Everyone knows Mexico can bring out the weird and adventurous side in a person and I invented a new sex move/drinking game…. Urban idiom if you will My date and I checked in early afternoon, the[...]